Chanel Couture showcasing unique wedding dresses and equestrian outfits.

This Tuesday, the French house unveiled its latest couture collection for Spring 2022. This season is all about contrast and balance as seen on stage at the new Chanel couture show with structured dresses alongside flowing dresses – a perfect way to enjoy Haute Couture Week while it lasts!

The designer wanted to create an ethereal, floating feel with her designs. To do this, she chose geometric shapes that would contrast and accentuate the softness of some pieces while giving them a sense of freshness through negative space or light colors in other garments.”

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Socialite Charlotte Casiraghi rode on horseback to open the show. French artist Xavier Veilhan who was responsible for its decor planned it as an artistic statement about what it would offer: pure fantasy versus practicality with absolutely no moderation or sense of boundaries in between!

Chanel fashion show
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Viard’s Spring 2022 collection was all about transformation. The show opened with a series of structured tweed jackets, but by the end, it morphed into something more flirty and feminine as pockets appeared on some of the classic garments for an airy feel that rose above ground level in some cases!

Chanel fashion show
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Chanel fashion show

Viard’s gowns at the show’s finale were ethereal and perfect for making any unconventional bride feel like royalty. A black bubble dress with a one-shoulder tie or a white slip delicately paired together by beaded accents at the top, both options would be stunning touches in any wedding style! The final design left no doubt because Viards knows how to be killer chic while also keeping it classic – she finished off her collection with yet another luxurious wedding dress completely different from all the other examples seen before but just as elegant when worn by someone else.

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Chanel fashion show
Chanel fashion show

When I was a woman in the 20th century, there was really only one way to be practical and fashionable. That’s why Viard has such a huge collection of clothes for the ladies who want to get their style along with looking ruggedly beautiful!

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