Caturday Surfing, April 1, 2023!

Good morning and Happy Caturday, lovely friend!

While Saturday Surfing has traditionally been devoted to beauty reading, going forward on Saturday Surfing will be Caturday Surfing, a weekly spot just for all things cat–kitties I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, cat-related stories, videos and so on.

Please say hello to Mr. Howell. We met a few weeks ago at the Marin Humane Society during Connor’s birthday!

Don’t be fooled by his sweet pink nose and pink beans; This darling boy is full of swagger and clearly runs the show. When I visited him, he casually pretended not to be interested, but I knew by the way his eyes pierced into my soul that he was into this crazy lady.

I love how his orange hints are visible in his tail, paw, and face. That tail, though, right? His stripes are very clear!

Anyway, I ran into the idea of ​​a possible new roommate/roommate by Rosie and she didn’t have it. Her gentle but strong paw on my feet told me everything I needed to know during the conversation.

On that note, let’s get to this week’s cat reading!

Ahem Kitty Mews

Like searching for gold!

If your companion is a bird.


Big Cat Café Energy.

I hope the rest of Caturday is filled with cookies and cat hugs.

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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