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Good morning everybody,
Today we would like to talk about one of the biggest helpers of our immune system, our gut, bone broth.
Bone marrow broth is one of the most easily digestible foods for the human body. Thanks to the content of collagen, gelatin, proline, glutamine and arginine, it plays an effective role in renewing our digestive system and closing holes in the intestinal wall. Helps a lot with Leaky Gut Syndrome. Because it repairs holes in the intestinal wall with the help of the collagen it contains, it provides support in the treatment of conditions such as many autoimmune diseases, depression, cancer, and diabetes.

The bone marrow broth, which is made by boiling the bones for 4-20 hours, releases its beneficial substances after long hours and leaves it in the water. Bone broth, which contains high amounts of calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, acts as a complete regenerative and immune booster with vitamins A, K, Omega 3 and 6, minerals iron, zinc and selenium in the bone marrow.
Bone broth, which also protects us from diseases caused by inflammation in our body, keeps us fit thanks to the minerals it contains.

Do you think that bone broth, which gives a delicious flavor to various soups and dishes in addition to its many useful properties, is not a candidate for the role of one of the main characters of our cuisine?

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