Beauty Q of the Day: When did you start shaving your legs?

It’s all fun and games until the shorts come out.

Hello my friend!

How are you? Great, I hope.

I missed you yesterday. In fact, I missed the last week or so! Connor’s been home all week (no dance camp), so between blowing bubbles and chasing her outside, I had plenty of deadlines to meet. I’ve been typing like crazy, especially in the early hours!

I’m amazed, but one thing that helps me see the bright side is a quote from legendary tennis player Billie Jean King who once said, “Pressure is a privilege.”

As I begin to feel a heavy weight on my chest, I try to remind myself that there was a time, not so long ago, when I desperately longed for a child, and wondered if I’d ever be lucky enough to raise one.

And I also think about all those times when I wasn’t sure if I could actually turn writing about beauty into something.

It’s always better after I check myself, you know?

Anyway, thank you for listening.

I swear this post is really about shaving legs!

While taking a shower this morning, I shaved my legs for the first time in a week. While getting my haze off, I thought about the time I started shaving my legs. I think I was in eighth grade?

I remember wanting to shave when I was younger, like sixth or seventh grade, and mention this to my mom a few times, but she would always deflect the conversation by saying she never shaved her legs, so why would I need to?

She wasn’t a girly girl, so when it came to anything beauty related, I was on my own! Well, I also had often misleading magazines and advice from my friends, but that’s another story.

I remember I was in my closet one day, and a friend looked at my legs in my green plaid pants and asked if I had forgotten to shave that morning. I don’t remember what my answer was, but shortly thereafter, I started sneaking my dad’s disposable razors into the bathroom to shave.

Connor actually mentioned a while ago how hairy she thought her legs looked, and asked me when I thought she might start shaving!

I was like, “Girl, you’re only 7!” Then I proceeded to tell her that once she was on the shave train, there was no going back. (“You’ll shave for the rest of your life. It’s a really long time.”)

I think she eventually forgot about it, so I’m hoping we’ll have a few more years before she shows up again in middle school.

At that time, I’d be happy to give it a try, and plan on buying her razors etc. I grew up in a no-nonsense home, so having toiletries and beauty items that were only meant for me was a totally weird concept. I would like it to be different for her.

Which brings me to the beauty question of the day. When did you start shaving your legs? Did you have someone to help you learn? Or did you do it yourself?

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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