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Good morning everyone from the first day of August.
This week we would like to talk about aromatherapy, a concept that we have all heard about for a long time, but the meaning of which is getting deeper.
Mother Earth offers us the source of healing for everything. We wanted to talk a little about what the secret heroes of kitchens, panacea plants, and medicinal herbs have done with their essences this time.
This method of treatment, which has a history of about 6,000 years, was first used in Egypt and China. Pure essential oils derived from plants, fruits, seeds, bark, roots, leaves and flowers form the basis of today’s modern pharmacology. Due to its density and content, it stimulates the various centers of our brain and provides healing in many areas, both mental and physical. Plant essential oils, which provide healing in countless areas from attention deficit disorder, anxiety disorder, asthma, fungus, many muscle and joint pains to skin conditions, are applied in a variety of ways, such as application, smell, and steam baths, depending on their respective subjects. As we witness the miracles and healing of our nature, the importance of protecting and protecting it for all of us without poisoning it becomes once again tangible.
A little reminder; The tiny bottle of fragrance oil has a very high content as it is derived from kilograms of plants. Therefore, it is best to use it under the supervision of a specialist.
Have a good week everyone!

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