Advice for Adults with Children Staying at Home Due to Coronavirus

Child development specialist and parenting advisor Elif Ipek has given advice to those who want to have fun at home with their children during these days of the coronavirus epidemic.

Firstly; I must say that children’s perception of time is different from ours. As their brains develop rapidly, they experience everything, every situation, every event layer by layer. If we adults are interested in its presentation, smell and taste when trying a new fragrance; its color, smell, texture, how much effort and effort is required when dividing a knife with a fork, the composition of the food, the taste of the contents in different combinations, how this food got on this table, how much effort it takes to stay on the fork and spoon on the way from the plate to the mouth , the feelings that she evokes in herself, they are interested in the satisfaction that she gives, and much more, of course. food unless they are put in front of a screen that makes them forget what they have eaten…

First offer; Try to be where you are not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. In this way, you will not miss the signals coming from your senses. This whole sensory process of children is an attempt to comprehend, create and exist both themselves and what is called life. The boredom of adult life or the adult’s yearning for childhood can be caused by the assumption that he knows everything and the avoidance of ordinary experience. Just like the interest you have when you first arrive in a city is different from the interest you have in the neighborhood you live in.

If children; the same situation can each time find a different direction to solve this problem. For example; While listening to a book, if he was once interested in the plot, then in another he may be interested in the visuals, then the characters, then your tone of voice, after which word the page changes, who is the author, who is the illustrator. There is no end to curiosity, that’s what’s fun.

Second suggestion; Stimulate your curiosity, open space for your children, keep them present. Take care of your child too. Our brains work by creating patterns. We categorize their experiences and knowledge and use these patterns when we decide what to study and form ideas based on what we learn. Therefore, our life is somewhat routine. When we get too carried away with the routine, we get bored and walk away thinking that too much of everything is boring or at least unpleasant. So, in your opinion, the routine works for us and makes us feel safe. Especially children… Breaking basic habits leads to insecurity. The situation became dire. It is both familiar and alien. Just like the mood caused by the disruption of our daily lives due to the coronavirus that surrounds us these days.

Third suggestion; You must have a daily routine. You can make changes to the content of the routine, but try not to change the process. You can create a daily routine that includes morning exercise, breakfast preparation, personal time, family time in the afternoon, lunch… During morning exercise, you can do zumba one day, pillow fight and bed fight another day.

Fourth suggestion; You don’t always need special materials to have fun. Since you can make toys out of anything, you can also make games without toys. In our childhood there were not even so many toys in the world, didn’t we have fun? Remember; Creativity is born out of nothing. Look around you to explore. Think about what you did when the electricity went out as a child.

Fifth recommendation; Share life with others. Do not try to constantly teach your children something. I say “sharing of life” because in order to enjoy together, it is necessary to explore together. When you go to a city for the second time, if there is someone with you who has not seen this city, you will be more interested in the person next to you, the city will be skipped. Your solutions are ready, potential problems are already blocked from the start, you are focused on showing, not seeing. As you explore the city together, your excitement, desperation, and adaptation are commonplace.

What I will say is that; For us adults, time passed quickly, but in these days of the coronavirus, it has slowed down for us. Nothing is valuable except our existence and the presence of our loved ones. Discover and share together at this time when we can be present. Do not be superficial, live like children, to the fullest, as in childhood. You don’t need much. Freud says; “The greatest show in the universe begins the moment you discover your mind.”


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