A dark Chanel nail polish favorite for a short, chic mani

From left: 141 Oiseau De Nuit, 155 Rouge Noir, and 161 Le Diable En Chanel

I wasn’t kidding about short, dark nails *more* for my summer polish. These three shades from Chanel, from their newly revamped nail polish line, have me swooning!

141 Oiseau de Nuit

My favorite is the shade I’ve been wearing on my fingers for almost a month now, 141 Oiseau de Nuit, a deep black-rich purple with a shimmery finish. I think it’s moody and chic with a touch of edginess, and when worn with minimal summer makeup and a casual bun or ponytail, the whole look is pretty cool.

Chanel 141 Oiseau De Nuit
Chanel 141 Oiseau De Nuit

I really like the wide brush, it is flat and spreads easily on my nails. I can easily paint the polish from base to tip with just a few quick strokes.

I think the formula is better than the previous iteration of Chanel nail polish, too. It does a better job of leveling, so there are no smudges, and you can get a full block of solid color in two coats. It seems to hold up to chips better in general, too.

I’ve tested Osieu de Nuit with several top coats (Essie, OPI, etc.), and the top coat at preventing chips and keeping color on my nails was the new Chanel Le Gel Longwear Top Coat.

If you’re going to splurge on any of Chanel’s polishes, I highly recommend getting Le Gel Top Coat to go with it!

155 Rouge Noir

Another moody shade I’ve been loving is 155 Rouge Noir, which is a deep, dark red that I wore on my toes.

Chanel 155 Rouge Noir
Chanel 155 Rouge Noir

This looks like a shadow that could fall easily; Maybe because I can really see it with a dark ’90s lip and a matte base? However, I still wear it in the summer.

161 Le Diable en Chanel

Last but not least is 161 Le Diable En Chanel, a dark glossy black.

Chanel 161 Le Diable En Chanel
Chanel 161 Le Diable En Chanel

I feel like Robert Smith from The Cure would wear this when he needs to feel pampered, LOL!

Let me know if any of these catch your eye.

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