5 things I’ve been loving lately


1. All dark nail polishes, especially on short nails.

I know dark polishes are usually a fall thing, but I really get summer vibes from Chanel. Granted, they can all look the same in dark black or burgundy if that’s not your thing, but dang, they sure make my heart soar.

2. “Droplets of God”

Did you have any idea cooking manga was a thing? I would have been completely oblivious to this fun fact had it not been for the “Drops of God” show I watched last week. It’s a drama about wine! Wait, here I am, because two episodes in, I felt like I was completely immersed in the world of international viticulture intrigue — and I was totally hooked.

Basic plot – Two strangers compete for a multimillion-dollar inheritance by passing a series of seemingly impossible wine-related tests. As the stakes mount, a major family drama is unearthed.

The show is in three languages, French, English and Japanese, and takes place all over the world. I was swooning backstage in Italy, oh my! Watch this

3. Music of the 80s

There is a scene in “Drops of God” where people are at a party and The Human League’s “(Keep Feeling) Fascination” is performed on the dance floor. Music was all I needed to get down the rabbit hole of my childhood.

4. ’90s style overalls

I’ve gladly added a pair of oversized ’90s-style white denim overalls (!) from Madewell to my cart!

I don’t know, dude. Back in my college days, I wore oversized overalls, and when I really think about it, they have a lot going for them, especially if you’re 1) petite and 2) waist-cinching like your outfit really is.

They create an unbroken block of color from top to bottom, which in theory could make one appear visually taller.

5. Take it easy

For once, I’m trying to go with the flow! I’m not naturally going to roll with things (I love the plan), so we’ll see where this takes me. Until now, I didn’t hate her.

What have you been loving lately?

Friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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