A continuación se presenta una lista de videos relacionados a la vida y recuerdos del Cine Bogart.

  • Emptiness

  • This short documentary film gathers fractions of many films shown in the cinema since 1993 till 2001, the year when it was closed. The short film shows scenes in which no people are present. A succession of apparently abandoned empty spaces that when put together strangely invoke the current state of the building. Films such as Rebecca, Cine-ma Paradiso, Easy Rider… were shown in this cinema and now are projected once again, reminding us that in order to last, spaces will always need people.

  • Testimonies

  • Several people that knew or went to the Bogart Cinema tell us their stories. Memories, anecdotes and stories documenting the most personal and unknown side of the building.

  • We have listened to the projectionist of the cinema, Antonio Fernandez, to the “cuplé” singer Olga María Ramos, to the architect Ignacio Ferrero, the photographer Pascuale Caprile, the documentary cinema director Victor Moreno, the graffiti painter Nuria Mora, the director of the film festival Gerjo Pérez Meliá and the neighbours Pepa and Alfonso. Their personal testimonies are another way to imagine a building.