• Waiting for long

  • Installation.
    Paint, vinyl and objects (seats, fans, lamps and light)

“Not being able to solve a riddle is similar to not being able to make a description, each part is just an approach to something that we cannot manage to reach: the Bogart Cinema.”

A fragmented installation seeking the impossible reconstruction of not so much a physical space but an emotional one. The attempt is to draw the memory contained in the building. In such a way, each part is as a scene in suspense, made up by the superposition of men-tal spaces where there is something that still has to be solved. It is a succession of cine-matographic devices generating effects, happenings that try to stay for longer time, creat-ing certain uncertainty.

So the scenes work as displacements of the time that is kept frozen, measured and ex-panded, in which, each one of the parts generates some kind of expectation. What re-mains is unconscious approaches to something that was, is or that it could be; a set of un-finished narrations where, as in suspense, there is no need of resolution.

Leonor Serrano Rivas / Málaga, España / 1986

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