• Scene

  • Structure.
    200 x 200 x 400 cms.

A cinema and a theatre and a ball-room and a ball-court…, how to imagine, how to portray all the realities that Bogart Cinema contains?

Six scenes of the building redrawn, translate the architectural language of the cinema: its space, its paths, its singularity, its icons. They transmit the complexity of the building and the sum of its reali-ties, created by its major transformations and enlargements until its current configuration. By means of the codification and simplification of its most significant elements: juxtaposition, depth, stunting… the significant values of the building are represented in an abstract way.

When shown as built overlapping layers, the intention is to show the complexity of places when going beyond the idea created in the imagery of people. Therefore, by delimiting the fundamentals the space is created with the help of imagination, transparency and showmanship.

Javier Peña Ibáñez / Logroño, España / 1985

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