• 022 URBAN SONGLINE: LATITUD: 40.417259° N - 40.417468° N / LONGITUD: -3.698357° W - -3.698130° W

  • Vinyl records installation.
    Sound piece. 15’ 22’’.

When going through the building, interrogating its memories, I found one last empty film-reel box that had played at CineBogart in 2001; The invisible circus.

This sound piece “022 Urban Songline” is is the sonic description of the building in its traditional identity; a place of entertainment. The sound recordings of the building-investigation and the sound-track of 'The Invisible Circus’ are used to compose a gosth; a musical re-imagination that shows the building at its last stage. Five hundred replicas of this ghosts, pressed into vinyl, are made into a pavilion, a monument that is the tomb of the old Bogart Cinema. The visitors are en-couraged to deconstruct this building, take it apart, vinyl by vinyl and bring it home to listen to Cine Bogart as a musical memory of a building.

There lives a ghost in Cine Bogart. It is a ghost in a machine, now that all livelihood has died down in its decrepit shell. The 'ghost in the machine', Ryle's critique of the notion that the mind is distinct from the body, should allow us to exit our body-as-a-machine and see our gaze from above. As this movie is the ghost of the machine of the projector, the projector the ghost of the machine of Bogart Cinema and the cinema itself the ghost of our imagination-world.

Allard Van Hoorn / Leiden, Holanda / 1968

Via a multidisciplinary approach to architecture, sound, design and performance, he cre-ates scenarios that explore the intrinsic relationships of public spaces and architecture, producing interactive sound experiences.

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