• "Bogart Cinema" Series

  • ST (poster), 2014. Mix media. 300 x 400 x 150 cms.
    ST (box office), 2014. Mix media. 250 x 150 x 75 cms.
    ST (seat), 2014. Mix media. 150 x 110 x 90 cms.

Bogart Cinema in Madrid. An abandoned space, almost forgotten, that has all the potentiality of its memory and a possible denied present.

The three pieces are an echo of the elements that live inside as witnesses of their past, that have been petrified, bricked up, immobilized.

The intention of this work is to activate those elements through a sculpture metaphor, decontextu-alizing them, transferring them to a new context where they can be brought back to life. A poster, a locker and an armchair that are no longer used and seem to have reached their end are now re-covered to give them a new reality.

Thanks to Kikekkeler and Tecnocemento

Nicolás Combarro / La Coruña, España / 1979

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