• Bohemian Lights

  • Installation
    Mix media.
    400 x 100 cms.

All those experiences end up covered by the passing of time, by dirt and abandonment, everything dies alone, even the city.

This composition made up with a series of photographs (shot with flash) of the dark areas of the building coexists with old lamps that light the table and make us think of the decorative lamps that still exist inside the building.

These two elements are covered by a layer of gray dust that evokes the passing of time, the uncer-tainty of life itself (of people and things) and the end of a process.

Marlon de Azambuja / Santo Antonio da Patrulha, Brasil / 1978

Social criticism is always implicit in his works, and architecture as an obsession and a way of seeing the world, become his aesthetic language. His clean, evocative and suggestive work, talk in a very personal way, about the city, its structures and relations that live within it.

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